Focused on offensive security and reverse engineering on the web.

Working primarily with Go, JavaScript, and Python.

About Me

My name is William. I'm a 20 year old developer based in NYC/CHI, currently double majoring in physics and math at the University of Chicago. I specialize in automation technologies, offensive security, reverse engineering, and networking. I'm also an incoming intern at Stripe for the summer of 2024.

You can find my resume here, and my blog here.

Current Projects

  • Open source reverse engineering repositories
  • Bug bounties
  • Automating vulnerability scans
  • Writing on nullptrs, specifically about my open source projects/research
  • CTFs @ Babbage Patch Kids and badboys inc
  • Assorted other private projects
  • Past Projects

  • Interning on the engineering team at Assetnote, where I helped create high signal SSRF detections in the vulnerability scanning engine
  • Shoe bots. Too many of them
  • Eversify, a web3 company focused on accessible market data and information
  • Wrote, scaled, and maintained anti anti-bot APIs to handle thousands of requests a second
  • Lots of Go networking, specifically related to TLS and HTTP/2